If you need to change any of your personal details for your Funnelytics account, it's super simple!

How to access your Account Settings:

Click on the settings icon on the left hand side of your dashboard

Your Account details:

  • Change your first and last name¬†
  • Change your email associated with your account- Once you input the new email that you wish to change to, please wait to receive instructions will be sent to the new email ¬†which will ask you to confirm that it belongs to you. Once this is completed, you can log in using the new email.
  • Reset your Password- In order to reset your password, you will need to enter your current password, and then choose a new one. **Requirement: Must be 7 characters or more in length**. In the case that you forgot your current password, please logout and reset your password via: https://app.funnelytics.io/forgot.

If you are having any trouble or require further assistance with your account settings, please contact the Funnelytics Support team via our chat, or email us at support@funnelytics.io

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