The Vault is an ever growing library of funnel hacks and templates that model high converting funnels from profitable marketers you already know. 

The vault is available for purchase as a one time offer after signing up for our mapping tool and is also part of Funnelytics PRO membership. 

**Note: By purchasing the vault, this does not give you access to Funnelytics PRO.**

What do the funnel hacks include:

• Detailed video of the funnel hack
• Full-page screenshots of all ads, sales pages, order pages, upsells, downsells and emails
• Fully mapped out template in Funnelytics
• White label template in Clickfunnels

The vault allows you to quickly drag and drop high converting funnels, so that you’re not wasting time to test and figure out what works and what doesn’t!

How to access the Vault from the dashboard:

Click on the vault icon on the left hand sidebar of the dashboard...

What's inside?

As a basic Funnelytics member, we provide you with 6 templates to get started:

As a Funnelytics PRO member, you have access to the 6 basic templates, plus all templates labelled 'Premium'.
Not only that, but every month, we'll be adding 2 to 3 new premium hacks from the top 500 best performing funnels:

How to use the templates in Funnelytics?

To be able to use one of the fully mapped templates, click on the template, and then select 'Funnelytics Template'. Then click 'Add to my Dashboard':

Ta da! The template will appear in the "Unorganized Funnels" folder in your dashboard.

Got a request?
Have any requests for new templates, or funnel hacks?  We love hearing your suggestions and making the vault as valuable as possible for each and every one of  you... So be sure to contact our support team and let us know!

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