The canvas is where you are going to be spending a lot of your time mapping out your sales funnels, so it's super important that you understand all the functionalities of the canvas itself. In this article, our principal goal is to get you familiarized with the capabilities of our canvas, so you can get to building out your first funnel quickly and easily!

One of the first steps to getting started with Funnelytics is creating at least one funnel inside a project

What you will find on the Canvas: 

Inside the canvas you will notice there are different folders on the left hand side bar.

Each folder corresponds to a different set of icons that can be used to place on the canvas, as follows:


The pages folder contains icons that would represent the different pages in your funnel. In each page you can customize the label, add a URL, generate the thumbnail preview of the page, and various other settings. 

To learn more about page settings and how to use them, check out the following article on Page Settings


Traffic icons represent where your traffic comes from. Whether that is Facebook, Google, an Email, or an affiliate. In the settings, you can also find a place to change the label. 

Note: For users with tracking capabilities (Funnelytics PRO), this is where you will input your UTM parameters.


The offline folder contains icons that represent the offline interaction that your customers have with you. Anything that happens offline is represented here.
Offline marketing interactions include anything from billboards, signs, and pamphlets, to calls and telemarketing.


Templates allow you to save your completed funnels for use on other projects. After saving your funnel as a template, it will now appear in the templates folder. Just drag and drop the template onto your page to quickly display your saved funnel map.

To learn more about templates and how to use them, check out the following article on Templates - Create, Save & Edit


This is our private collection of "Funnel Hacks" that we provide for you. They are templates that can be imported into your Funnelytics account and quickly put into action! Select from a ton of different industries and purposes to find one that suits your needs, and drop it right into the canvas!  

To learn more about accessing and using the Funnelytics Vault, check out our article on The Funnelytics Vault

Mapping your first funnel:

Watch this brief video to run you through mapping your first funnel on the canvas!

Want an even more in-depth overview when it comes to setting up your funnel? Check out our Funnel Master, Stockton, go through a live funnel build step by step from initial set up, all the way to a thorough analysis of your funnel!

If you are looking for....

  • A rundown of some of our most common questions about the mapping canvas, check out our Mapping FAQ
  • Do you like our new and improved canvas? Check out a breakdown of all the updates and additions we made in August 2019 here

If you have any questions or need further clarification with the canvas or mapping your funnel, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by clicking the support icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard, we are always ready to assist you!

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