*Please note: This feature is only available for
Funnelytics PRO members*

You can invite a client to access or collaborate on your project with their own account using our clients feature under project settings. 

Your client can be a basic or a PRO Funnelytics member.

To invite your clients to your project simply go to the 'Collaborate' tab under project settings:

Then, simply add the name and email of the person you would like to invite and hit the "Send Invite" button.

To note:

  • After adding a user as a collaborator, an email will be sent to the user. The email will ask the user to login to their existing or sign up for a new Funnelytics account. 
  • Users must login to view the projects that have been shared with them. 
  • Removing an email from the collaborators list will remove the user's access to the project.

Once a collaborator has been invited, there are two different permissions, as follows:

View Only

Allows the client to view the canvas but not edit and add pages or other icons. In view only clients cannot view the analytics.

Read and Write Access 

Allows the client to view, add, and edit the funnel. Clients with read and write access can also view the analytics.

Note: Collaborators cannot access Project Settings currently - if you wish for a collaborator to access those settings (For access to analytics script, cross-domain whitelist etc), they will need to be given full access to your account.

If you have any questions or need further clarification with collaborating, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by clicking the support icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard, we are always ready to assist you!

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