Page settings is where you will be able to input information that is related to a specific page you have mapped out on the canvas. 

By selecting a page on the canvas, a small toolbar will appear below the page with various icons (settings). 

These icons represent (in order from left to right):

Settings - Duplicate - Trash - Remove all Connections

In Settings - Mapping you can specify the following:

  • Label
  • URL
  • Icons
  • Notes

Now, let's break each of these Mapping Settings down in more detail...


The icon label is what displays above the icon on the canvas. To change the label, click on the icon, then select the gear on the far left. From the right sidebar simply edit the field titled label.


Funnelytics will use the URL in the page settings to display that data related to that URL on the canvas.

  • In order to track, there must be a URL present in the page settings. 
  • URLs cannot contain unsafe characters. < > # % { } | ^ ~ [ ] ( )
  • URLs cannot contain parameters. When a parameter is included in the URL, they will automatically be added to the parameters section of the page settings. 

You can generate a preview of the actual page in the page icon by clicking the camera button  just next to the URL. 


This section allows you to change the thumbnail, or the icon, of the page on the canvas. 


Add in any relevant notes you have for this step here, whether it's the page copy, or a list of ideas.

In Settings - Tracking you can specify the following:

  • URLs
  • Parameters
  • KPIs

Now, let's break each of these Tracking Settings down in more detail...


Parameters FILTER the page views on that page by the KEY and VALUE pair that you select. Learn more about parameters


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can either be a sale or a lead and you can also associate a value to that step. Add this page as a KPI and display it’s count in the KPI window.

If you have any questions or need further clarification with page settings, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by emailing, we are always ready to assist you!

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