The Notes feature adds a rich text editor to the canvas allowing you to quickly reference text, pictures, links, and more right inside of the canvas.

For example, paste the EDIT link to your page right inside the page settings to quickly go and edit that page or type out the email that you're going to send in a traffic icon.

There's so much you can do with it!

How do I add my "Funnel Notes" on my canvas? 

  • Click on the Settings Icon (located at top right of canvas).
  • Click "+ Funnel Notes" 

How do I add my "Step Notes" on my canvas? 

  • Double click on the page/ traffic icon
  • Click "+ Funnel Notes" 

Notes Toolbar

  • Text Styles -  Heading 1, Heading 2 and Normal
  • Bold - Bold
  • Italic - Italic
  • Underline 
  • Insert Image - Insert Image URL
  • Insert Link - Insert link on your text 
  • Insert Video - Insert Video URL
  • Indent  -  Left, Center and Middle
  • Number List
  • Bullet List
  • Checkbox List
  • Expand Notes Window

Sharing notes

Notes is a great opportunity to share funnel or step details with a client or business partner - Just follow the same steps as you would to share a funnel by providing the share link, and the other person can then add it to their dashboard and see all the notes that have been written. It's that simple!

Want to learn more about how notes can simplify your planning? Check out our article on "Planning Made Simple" on our Funnelytics Blog

If you have any questions or need further clarification with adding Funnel and/or steps notes, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by clicking the support icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard, we are always ready to assist you!


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