Why is my funnel not showing any data?

Top reasons why data is not showing on your funnel are:

  1. The Funnelytics Base script must be present on all site and must be placed in the body of before the closing </body> tag. You can verify if you have installed the script properly by using the browser developer tools.
  2. Make sure that you mapped  the correct sequence of your funnel.
  3. Cross domain tracking must be listed on the whitelist.

What are UTM Parameters and how do they work?

UTM Parameters are five variants of URL Parameters and used to track traffic coming to your page from sources where the script cannot be placed on a third party site.

What do action icons and Google Tag Manager have to do with mapping funnels?

Action Icons and GTM allows users to track transition activities inside a website which includes Click links, Click Buttons, Form Submission, Scroll Depth and etc.

To know more on How to use Actions + GTM , Visit the article on
How to "
Track button clicks using GTM".

Can we track Dynamic URLs?

Tracking dynamic URLs is a way we track URLs that have a behaviour of changing a part of itself. We replace the part of the URL with wildcard symbol " * " to track all variations of the dynamic URLs.

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Tracking Dynamic URLs".

Can we track multiple landing pages with a single traffic icon?

We can connect a single traffic icon to multiple landing page. UTM Parameters must be present on the URL of the landing pages.

Note: Disregard the warning symbol for URL preview.

Can I exclude myself from being tracked inside my funnel?

IP Blacklisting  is a process wherein the inclusion of our IP address on the list prevents our own traffic inside the funnel. 

 To know more on how to install Funnelytics Based Script, Visit the article on How to "How to Exclude your IP address from Tracking".

What is Cross-Domain Tracking?

Cross-Domain tracking allows you to track and receive information from other multiple Domain that does not have the Funnelytics Script installed.

To know more on how to install Funnelytics Based Script, Visit the article on How to "Cross Domain Tracking | Whitelisting Domains".

What is Setting Goals and what is the use of it?

Setting Goals allows you to keep track of your Sales, Leads and Applications inside your funnel.  This data will show on the KPI bar on top of your canvas.

  To know more on how to install Funnelytics Based Script.
Visit the article "
Setting Goals".

What is Funnelytics Base Script?

It is the script assigned to each project for your site. The script is positioned in the body section of every page before the closing </body> tag and allows your canvas to capture customers journey along your funnels.   

To learn more on how to install Funnelytics Base Script, Visit the article on How to "Installing the Script to Your Site".

What are Unmapped Referrers?

It is the traffic that has been recorded to a step from an untracked URL which is not directed on the canvas.

What is a Step and Step Focus?

A Step is a stage on your funnels where mapped icons are found based on your user’s journey. Step Focus allows you to see all traffic and conversions across that Step.

What is Direct Traffic?

It is when a user visited your site directly by typing your URL from their browser or when a user reach your page via browser bookmarks.

Why is _FS added to my link?

It is an additional parameter attached to a URL that allows us to track multiple domain from your canvas.

What are Page Parameters?

It is a boundary of a page that indicates its specific URL . Page Parameters are consistently appended to the URL as query strings.

Please feel free to contact Technical team support by clicking the support icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard, we are always ready to assist you!

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