What do I need to get started with Tracking?

In order to get started with tracking, you will need:

  • A Website or Landing Page
  • A Funnelytics Project
  • A Funnel inside the Project
  • At least 1 Step in the Funnel

Where is the Funnelytics Script and How do I install it?

Funnelytics Script is a unique script which is assigned to each project and located Inside the Project settings. For further information and to learn step-by step to set up your script, visit our in depth article on  Installing the Funnelytics Tracking Script.

How do I know if I installed my Funnelytics Script properly?

We can simply verify if you installed your Funnelytics Script correctly by using Google Developer Tools found on your Chrome browser.

To learn more on how to verify your Funnelytics Script proper installation. Visit the article on How to Verify your Script

Does the Funnelytics Script affect the site's loading speed?

Funnelytics based script does not affect loading speed of a site. it is a snippet code that should be placed near the </body> tag in order for resources from the site to load up first before the Funnelytics script.

If you are having any issues with load speed, please contact customer support and we will assist you in troubleshooting!

Do you support Single Page Applications?

SPAs or Single Page Applications changes the URL of every page, and is not officially supported by Funnelytics.

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