Filters allow you change how you're viewing data on the canvas.

Filters are located in the top right of your screen.

The current filters are:

  • Country
  • Devices
  • Metric
  • Focus


Clicking on the country filter will display a list of all the countries we've tracked in the funnel. You can mark specific countries you wish to filter the results on the canvas by.

You can also set the filter by viewing the people tab in the Analysis window.


This option allows you to filter stats in the funnel by which device the user was using.


The two options for this filter are total numbers and individual people.

For example, let's say that 1 person visits the homepage 10 times. Maybe they clicked refresh in their browser over and over again.

Total numbers would show 10 under the icon.

Individual people would show just 1.


When you activate a focus, whether that be on a certain step or on a person, that focus will appear in this filter.

Pro tip: Use the locator icon to focus the viewport on where that step is on the canvas.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by emailing us at!

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