If you need to change any of your personal details for your Funnelytics account, it's super simple!

First, to access your account settings, click on the settings icon on the left hand side of your dashboard:

Your Account details:

  • Change your first and last name to whatever you want (but we suggest you use your real name!)
  • Changing your email associated with your account- Once you input the new email that you wish to change to, please wait to receive instructions will be sent to the new email ¬†which will ask you to confirm that it belongs to you. Once this is completed, you can log in using the new email.

Resetting your Password:

  • In order to reset your password, you will need to enter your current password, and then choose a new one. **Requirement: Must be 7 characters or more in length**

If you are having any trouble or require further assistance with your account settings, please contact the Funnelytics Support team via our chat, or email us at support@funnelytics.io

If you are currently going through our "Getting started Guide", you have now completed the dashboard section.
If you wish to continue further with the guide, click on the below button:

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