Affiliate Dashboard Overview

Navigating Your Tapfiliate Dashboard

Get started using your Tapfiliate dashboard in this quick video:

Impressions, Clicks, & Conversions:

  • Impressions: Counted when an image banner shared by you has been 'seen' (i.e. loaded up from our servers).
  • Clicks: Counted when an affiliate link or marketing asset (ie. a banner) is clicked on, and a user/ customer lands on your site. Clicks will usually take around 5-10 minutes to show up.
  • Conversions: Counted when you have successfully driven a sale/ sign up. Conversions will show up immediately

Accessing Affiliate Assets: 

  • Get pre-written emails, banners, and social swipes! You can access embedded banners for your website in the 'Assets' tab of your Affiliate Partner Dashboard.


Hover over any of the banners and you'll find the embeddable code just like in the example below.


To change your affiliate code:

  • Log into your Dashboard > Go to 'Assets' > Click on 'Advanced' > Click on the 'Edit' icon.

Affiliate codes are completely customizable and can be updated. The referral codes are not case-insensitive, meaning that ?ref=JohnDoe and ?ref=johndoe are considered the same code.


Note: When a referral code has been updated, the previously created & shared referral codes will no longer work.

Changing/ Adding a different payout email: 

  • Go to your Funnelytics Affiliate Dashboard, click on your initials in the lower-left of your dash, then click 'Payout Methods', and click 'New Payout Method'.


If you have any questions, reach out to our support team anytime by clicking the support icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard, we are always ready to assist you!