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How to integrate with Zapier

How to setup the Funnelytics Zapier integration in few easy steps.

What does the Integration do?

The Zapier integration will let you pass information to Funnelytics in the form of Funnelytics Actions.

This will let you see on your canvas even events that are not strictly connected to your site, like closing a sales call, a user moving to a new stage of your pipeline, or a lead reaching a specific lead score.

The only limit is your imagination.


Step 1: Add the Funnelytics action to your Zap

Whether you are modifying an existing Zap or creating a new one, be sure to add the Funnelytics action to be able to pass information to your Funnelytics account via Zapier.


Step 2: Select the type of action

Once the Funnelytics action is mapped in your zap you need to select the Type of action you want to see in your Funnelytics canvas.

You have three options

  1. Custom (you will be able to choose the name of the action)
  2. Form Submission (the info will be translated in a Form Submit action)
  3. Transaction (the info will be translated in a Purchase action)

Step 3: Connect the Account

If it is your first time adding the Funnelytics action in one of your Zaps, in order to integrate the two platforms and be able to pass information to your Funnelytics account you will need to connect it.

All you need to do is to fill the form above in with the information you will find in the Integration tab of your workspace.

Just be sure to login into your Funnelytics account, and open the integration tab of your selected workspace.

You will see the following card, listing your credentials to connect the Zapier Integration.

Simply copy them from the Funnelytics dashboard and paste them in the Zapier dialogue box.

Click "Yes, Continue"

And voilà!


Step 4: Set your action

All you need to do now is to fill the fields of the Funnelytics action with the data coming from the previous steps in your Zap

Please be aware that some fields are Required, and therefore need to be filled, while all the others are completely optional.

Some fields will require data in a specific format (like the Entry Date field that will require a date in the ISO 8601 format) while the others will accept any string.


Step 5: Test and GO!

Everything left to do is to test the action once

By performing the test Zapier will send the test data (collected by your Zap's steps) to your Funnelytics account.

Just wait 10 minutes to see the data populate on the canvas once mapped.


If everything goes well all you need to do is to turn on the zap and wait for data to give you insights in your Funnelytics canvas.

If instead something doesn't go as expected feel free to ping us at support@funnelytics.io and we will be happy to help.