How to Track Hubspot Meeting Booking Tool

How to track the Scheduled Meeting Event in Hubspot Meeting Booking Tool using Google Tag Manager and Funnelytics

Download This GTM Container

Download GTM Container

Import The New Container Into Your GTM Account

Note: This container includes only the tracking tag for the Scheduled Meeting event and the related trigger. 

If you are just starting your setup and have no other Funnelytics tags set, this container won't be sufficient to start receiving data since you will have to install also the Funnelytics Base Tracking Script

  1. Be sure of having installed GTM on all the Hubspot Pages. 
  2. Once GTM is installed please proceed in importing the container you downloaded using the link above into your GTM container (Be aware: Set MERGE on the "Choose an Import Option" setting.)
  3. If you need more info on how to import a container please follow the instructions in this video from 1:21 to 2:01: VIDEO


I recommend embedding Google Tag Manager globally across your entire Hubspot property so that you don’t need to repeat the installation process every time you create a new page. 

To do so, go to HubSpot > Settings (gear icon in nav bar) > Website > Pages

Add GTM’s <head> code to the HubSpot’s Site header HTML and add GTM’s <body> code to HubSpot’s Site footer HTML


Save and Publish the Container

In order for the changes to appear live for everyone, you need to be sure that the container is submitted/published.

For Instructions on discovering your Action data in the Funnelytics Canvas, please check out the articles below

Mapping Actions In Funnelytics 1.0 (Legacy)


If you have any questions or need further clarification with using actions, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by emailing, we are always ready to assist you!