How to Verify ClickFunnels Actions

Step 4: Verify that all the actions are working as expected in the funnel

Finally, we're going to run through the funnel on our own to test all the different actions. 

Please note that you will not be able to see this network request if you have your IP blacklisted in the workspace settings.

Access the Javascript Console

Navigate to the first step in the funnel and open up developer tools and go to the 'console'

You may need to toggle on "Preserve Log" in developer settings. What happens is that the message appears in the console, and then the form redirects, erasing the console. 


Immediately on each page in your funnel, you should see a message in the console that tells you what the pageType is.


If you don't see this message or you see an error saying that the pageType is not defined, then that's the first thing you need to fix. Return to step 1 of this guide series to review the pageType setup.

Access the Network Monitor

Anytime an event is triggered a post request is sent to our servers with the payload information.

This is the ultimate way of determining whether we have received the information or not and whether or not it's the expected information. 

You should see the "network" tab just to the right of the console tab. In the network, we're going to type in "trigger" as a filter to only see the network requests with the name "trigger". 


The request should have a status of 200 which means that it was received OK. 

You can see the payload information associated with each request by clicking on the event and scrolling to the bottom of the window that pops up. 

Here's a sample purchase event payload:


We can see that it has an event name of purchase and it has attributes of the prodId, prodName, and prodPrice

Addon products will not have the name or price. Addon products will only have an ID.


As you run through and test your funnel, make sure that none of the properties/attributes have values that are blank or null or undefined. They should all have something. 

Let us know if you have a case where your properties are not as expected. 

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If you have any questions or need further clarification about verifying actions in ClickFunnels, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by clicking the support icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard, we are always ready to assist you!