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Known Platforms With Limitations

Known issues that Funnelytics has when tracking other platforms.

The items in this list represent some known limitations that Funnelytics has when trying to track some platforms.

Shopify / Woocommerce

Ecommerce platforms are challenging for Funnelytics to track because there is not a straightforward path the visitor takes. With eCommerce sites, the visitor can go from the product page -> category page -> to a different product -> cart -> back to category page -> back to cart . . . With limitless scenarios, it becomes difficult to map and gain insights based on the user's behavior. 

The URL structure of these types of pages can also be problematic because there are multiple portions of the URL that change depending on productId, orderId, customerId, and other variables. The result is that you have to input a very specific URL in Funnelytics in order to see what's happening.

For example, this URL from a Shopify store has 2 portions that are dynamically changing:



It is possible to use the wildcard * to account for one of these dynamic portions of the URL, but not both. 

Replacing it would look like this: 




but not



Specifically tracking traffic sources. Funnelytics relies on URL parameters in order to track where users are coming from. 

For example, to track if a user came from an email, the link might look something like this: 


The problem is that Kartra automatically removes the URL parameters when the page loads. That's bad because Funnelytics reads those parameters from the URL bar and now they've been removed by Kartra making it impossible to track where visitors are coming from. 

We've also had reports that tracking Kartra forms has weird behavior and makes it not possible. 


Specifically cross-domain tracking. Links on a Convertri page pointing to another domain are not getting appended with the _fs parameter. 

In order for cross-domain tracking to work, the Funnelytics session ID for the user needs to be appended to outbound links. Funnelyics adds this automatically when the domains are added to the cross-domain whitelist. 

However, the session ID is not persisting through the link click for some reason when hosted on Convertri.


Kajabi now requires users to be on their highest tier plan (Pro) in order to edit the themes & scripts!  If you use Kajabi and know of a work-around, please let us know. 


Hotmart is a popular checkout/cart system in some countries. However, they do not allow you to install tracking code on their checkout pages.


ClickBank is a well-known affiliate marketplace. However, they are not compatible with Funnelytics because they do not allow you to add our third-party tracking script to their checkout pages.


If you have any questions about the Funnelytics tracking limitations, please feel free to reach out to us at support@funnelytics.io!