[Legacy 1.0] Mapping Canvas FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about our Mapping Canvas

This article is a part of our legacy installation and does not apply to our Funnelytics 2.0 Performance Platform

How can I get started Mapping my first funnel?

Mapping your first funnel is easy!

One of the first steps to getting started with Funnelytics is creating at least one funnel inside your workspace.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the functionalities and how to use the canvas by checking out our Canvas Overview article to get you off to a great start!

How can I connect one funnel step to another?

You can connect icons or funnel steps together using arrows! Here's the article on how to do that. 

What is the difference between dashed lines and solid lines?

Solid Lines are used to show direct traffic between the two steps while Dashed lines show indirect traffic. Dashed lines allow you to see a conversion rate between two steps that don't occur right after each other. For example, a dashed line would allow you to see how many people came from an email and completed a certain action. The solid line would not. Learn more here.

How can I add text to my funnel?

Click the 'A' icon located on the left side of your canvas to add labels/ text to your canvas. See this article for more details.

I want to add custom icons to my funnel. How can I add one?

  1. Click the 'Icons' button in the left sidebar of your Canvas
  2. Click 'Manage Custom Icons'
  3. You will then see a modal pop up and you can upload images from your computer
  4. Next, choose one of these icon types: Page, Traffic, or Misc.


Note: We only support PNG and JPEG image formats currently. Please see this article for more info.

How can I use my funnel again for another workspace?

You need to save your funnel as a template first, in order to edit and re-use it. Please refer to this article on how to create and manage your templates.

Can I share my funnel?

Yes! The easiest way to share your funnels is by clicking the share icon located on the top right corner of your canvas near the save button. Just copy the URL and you can now share it with another user.

Note: The user whom you are sharing with must have a Starter (free) Funnelytics account.

I cannot see parts of my funnel on one screen. Or, my funnel always appears small.

Have you tried the zoom in and out feature? It is located on the bottom left of your Canvas to edit your map view. You can also select fit to screen.

How can I print my funnel?

You can export your funnel as PNG and PDF. Please refer to this article to learn more.

Why didn't my funnel save?

Make sure to wait for the 'Changes Saved' confirmation to appear to make sure that changes are reflected in the system. Funnelytics has an autosave feature, and you can restore a previous version by going to the Revisions section in the Funnel Settings.


Note: We are unable to recover funnels that are not correctly saved.


If you are having any trouble or require further assistance with anything, please contact the Funnelytics Support team via our chat, or email us at support@funnelytics.io