[Legacy 1.0] Troubleshooting Your Funnel

This article is a part of our legacy installation and does not apply to our Funnelytics 2.0 Performance Platform

Funnel not working? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

To make the process as fast & easy as possible for you and the support agents, before opening a technical ticket, please include as much detail as possible, including:

  • The name of the workspace or workspace ID
  • The name of the funnel or funnel ID
  • The date range you're looking at
  • What the expected result is 
  • Why you feel like it's incorrect 

The truth is that most issues that come up are small fixes that the users can do on their end. While it is our goal and mission to make the tool more intuitive and less prone to user errors, there are things that you can do to resolve the problems. 

Troubleshooting Traffic Sources

HELP! My traffic icons aren't showing numbers!

If your traffic icons aren't showing any numbers, the first thing you should check is the tracking parameters under settings. 

  • Do you have UTM parameters defined? 

Funnelytics relies on UTM parameters in order to track where users are coming from. This means that you need the links in your ads/emails/posts/etc. to have these parameters attached to them. 

  • Do you have a URL in the External URL field?

Chances are you need to remove the URL from this field. The external URL field is used to track referring URLs, not the target URL. 

The external URL is used to track organic traffic sources where there's only a referring URL. Referrers like "google.com" and "facebook.com".

Troubleshooting Pages

Help! My pages aren't showing numbers!

  • Do you have the script installed? Is the RIGHT script installed on the page? Do you have the right URL in the page icon?

Each workspace has its own unique script. So if you're working in Workspace A but have Workspace B's script installed on the page, you won't see any numbers because the wrong script is installed. 

  • Is there more than one instance of the script installed on the page?

Each page should only have one instance of the script. The one scripts should be installed in the <body> of the page. To verify, open the 'elements' tab of developer tools and search the elements for 'window.funnelytics'.

  • Do you have any parameters filtering the page views in the page settings? 

Adding parameters in the page settings acts as a filter. 95% of the time you do not have anything here unless you know what you're doing. 

In this example, the page icon will show all people who were on the URL funnelytics.io AND they had ?utm_source=facebook as a parameter when they visited the page.

  • Is the URL you entered in the page actually a redirect link? 

This is common with Clickfunnels. If you visit the page in your URL, does it actually change/redirect to a different URL?

For example: you may have mysite.com/optin-123 in the page settings. When you actually visit that URL it redirects you to mysite.com/free-guide.

You would want the final URL (the URL where our script loads) in the page settings. 

  • Does your URL have dynamic portions? 

For example, after completing a checkout, does the page URL have the order ID in it?
To replace these portions of the URL, simply add the wildcard *.
mysite.com/confirmation/{order-id} would become mysite.com/confirmation/* to account for all the order-id numbers. 

  • Does the content of your pages change based on URL parameters? 

You want to track different pages, but the page path doesn't change.
mysite.com?page-a and mysite.com?page-b.
It's not currently possible to track how many users go from ?page-a to ?page-b where the page path doesn't change. Same principle for tracking pages based on a hash #. 

Troubleshooting Actions

Help! My actions aren't working!

Typically this comes down to understanding the difference between an "Independent" and a "Dependent" action in combination with being a "simple" or "advanced" action. 

Independent Action

An independent action is an action that is not connected to another page. The action works independently of the user going to the next page. Independent actions must be an advanced action. 

Dependent Action 

The action is dependent when there is another page connected to the action. The action here will only count the number of people that were on the URL: funnelytics.io AND went to the registration page.

The action WILL NOT show how many people were on the first page and clicked the button WITHOUT going to the registration page. The dependent action only represents how many people clicked the button on the homepage AND went to the registration page. 

Dependent actions can be simple or advanced. 

  • Do the event names and properties match in Funnelytics and in your actual site?

When you create an action in Funnelytics we give you a bit of code that needs to be triggered on the event. That bit of code has an event name and it can have additional properties associated with it.

Verify that the script that's actually being triggered matches the event name and other properties that are in Funnelytics. 


If you have any questions or need further clarification about troubleshooting your funnel, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by clicking the support icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard, we are always ready to assist you!