[Legacy 1.0] Using The Step Explorer

How to use the explorer feature to discover traffic sources, pages, and actions on your site.

This article is a part of our legacy installation and does not apply to our Funnelytics 2.0 Performance Platform

What is the Step Explorer?

The step explorer is a way for you to discover how people are coming to your site, what are the pages and flows they are taking, and what are the actions they are performing.

No longer do you have to know exactly what the URL of the page you want to track is. No longer do you have to know exactly what UTMs you used previously are. And no longer do you have to remember the different event names and properties you previously setup are.

How to Use The Step Explorer

Exploring ALL traffic, Pages, and Traffic

To see an unfiltered list of all the traffic sources, all the page URLs, and all the actions - click the + icon in the top left and go to the "Traffic Explorer" tab.

This will show you a list of the top results sorted from greatest to least.



Alternatively, you can right-click anywhere on the canvas and have the same menu appear. Choose between PAGES, ACTIONS, and TRAFFIC tabs.

Click on one of the results in the list and it will automatically add an icon with the settings already configured for you.


This list will show you all of the page URLs that we have detected on your site. The list is sorted from greatest to smallest. Simply click on the URL to map a page icon out with that URL.

The list may also include some external URLs. These are referring URLs that we have detected and automatically created a step for.


This list will show you all of the action names that have been tracked on your site. To filter down even further using parameters, you can use the attribute explorer.


This list will show you all of the URL parameters that we have detected on your site. Use the arrow on the left to expand the dropdown and see all the results under the category. We also show you all of the custom parameters that we have detected on the site.


Don't forget to just click the + icon on the right to map that traffic source as an icon on the canvas.

Previous and Next Steps

If you were to click on a page icon and use the arrows (either to the right or left) you would actually be able to see the exact previous or next step a user took relative to the page you're selecting. You can read more about how that works here.

Step Attribute Explorer

After you have discovered and mapped any step onto the canvas, you can use the step attribute explorer to make your step even more specific. For example, you may have mapped a purchase action but now want the action to represent a specific product instead of all products. Use the step attribute explorer to make that happen.


If you have any questions or need further clarification with using the step explorer, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by clicking the support icon in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard, we are always ready to assist you!