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[Legacy 1.0] Writing On The Canvas

Adding labels, headlines, and other text to your funnel map.

This article is a part of our legacy installation and does not apply to our Funnelytics 2.0 Performance Platform

If you'd like to label parts of your funnel or even write a note/ message to your client, just click and drag the 'A' button onto the canvas in the picture below:

Add Text to the Canvas

Once the text box is on the canvas, click to edit! From there, a menu will appear where you can change your font color, size, and style.

To remove any text you have written, click to highlight, and then click delete, which will appear after the box has been highlighted.


If you have any questions or need further clarification, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by emailing us at support@funnelytics.io!