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Previous Step and Next Steps

Understand where your users are coming from and where they are going on your site. Discover traffic sources and referring URLs.

This feature allows you to look at a page and determine how did people come to this page, and where did they go directly after visiting this page.

You can now also see any next page in addition to direct next page.

This feature allows you to discover your funnel as it really happens. By mapping one single icon, you can then map out the exact next or previous step over and over again until you have completed the user's journey and discovered the exact funnel flow that they are experiencing.

Alternatively, you can start with a thank you page and reverse map the entire funnel from the end to the beginning and discover all the paths that lead a user to the final destination.

Next Steps

To see the exact next step a user took relative to a certain page, click on the step, and then drag the arrow on the right to a blank spot on the canvas.


Any Next Page

This allows you to see and map pages that visitors went to at any point after visiting the first page. These interactions will be mapped with a dashed line instead of a solid line.

You can map the page or action out by simply clicking on the title of the URL or action.

Previous Steps

This tab allows you to see both the referring URLs and the traffic sources (based on URL) parameters that brought people to the selected page.


To access the previous steps tab, click on a step, and drag the arrow on the left out onto the canvas.

Note: The PAGES, TRAFFIC, and ACTIONS tabs will now show you the results of how people came to that particular page or step.



Use the dropdowns in the traffic tab to reveal all the combinations of UTM or custom parameters. 


Note: Don't forget to simply click the blue + icon to quickly map that icon out onto the canvas with the settings setup for you already.



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