Release Notes - Jun 24 - 2022

Quick overview of new features, functionalities and fixes in Funnelytics 2.0

Actions Attribute Explorer

You can now explore attributes on custom and purchase actions to easily filter your data to exactly what you need.

Start by adding a custom action or a purchase action onto the canvas, then click on the tracking settings for that step, and you should see the new actions attribute explorer window.


We have also added a new, sentence-based view of attributes to more easily understand how you are filtering your data.


🐞 Bug fixes

Purchase Actions:

  • Key value list is now cached for faster loading speeds.


  • “People who performed” filter properly filters action property list data now.

Traffic Explorer:

  • Load more button was failing; this has been fixed and now functions as expected.

Source Attribute Explorer:

  • Adding custom attributes was breaking the canvas; this has now been fixed. Add attributes with ease to your heart's content now!
  • "Exclude" option now excludes the selected property + key combo. If only excluded properties are added, that step will show the data for ALL other parameters, not counting the ones you added and excluded.


  • Elements on reports were disappearing while zooming or scrolling; this has now been fixed and now functions as expected.

PNG Exports:

  • PNG background is now transparent.


  • Color picker showed the previous color selection. This is now fixed and will show the currently selected color.
  • Transparent color preview is now more distinct from the white color preview.


Something missing?

if something is missing in the documentation or if you found some part confusing, please reach out to support team, with your suggestions for improvement.

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