Release Notes - Sept 2 - 2022

Quick overview of new features, functionalities and fixes in Funnelytics 2.0

No more refreshing analytics required for mapped elements

One of the features most used is the Step Explorer—but using it wasn’t as satisfying as it could be.

Before - the icons needed an Analytics Refresh to display the numbers under them. Now, any element will display the numbers in the card as they are mapped from the Step Explorer.

Additionally, if you map an element using the Previous Step or Next Step icon, the lines will show the data as well.



Additional Logical Operator added

In the last update , we added 11 new Logical Operators that gave more control over the canvas. We added the option to exclude the traffic sources that are considered "completed"

This will allow the user to exclude all the traffic with specific parameters (like gclid for Google traffic), as well as any UTM (or any other query parameter) of your choice.




Icons no longer hidden under Analytics pane

An inconvenient bug we encountered was that when having the Analytics pane open and mapping icons with the Step Explorer, some of them might be hidden behind the pane.

Now the icons will be mapped only in the visible part of the canvas.

Cards on connection lines also resize

We have received positive feedback about the recently added group resizing feature for elements on the canvas.

However, cards on the lines still weren’t following the same rules, but they do now when shrinking the elements. Card sizes will be determined by the elements that the connection arrow line is pointing to.

'%' now allowed in URLs

Any non-Latin character (as well as any special character) is encoded with a % and a hexadecimal code in the browser (for example è is %C3%A8).

And while we were still able to track those pages, now they will be properly displayed on the canvas.


🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scrolling in the Style tab
  • Additional stability and security fixes


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