Release Notes - Sept 20 - 2022

Quick overview of new features, functionalities and fixes in Funnelytics 2.0

No more refreshing analytics for mapped elements

According to gathered customer feedback, the need for setting back the filters every time that they loaded a canvas was tiresome. 

Now - the filters are saved in the canvas and will load every time the canvas is opened

This feature covers all the filters in the analytics tab, including comparison ones. 

Hitbox improved for curved lines

Built specially for small or narrow elements (such as lines), the hitbox is the boundary that allows the user to select the element without precision needed. 

In previous iterations of the canvas, the hitbox was large - which cause unwanted selections. Now, the hitbox has a smaller boundary allowing for more accurate selections


🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug - where the user was required to double click to show step explorer from the toolbar.
  • Improved canvas stability
  • Improved security


Something missing?

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