Replace a tracking script in Google Tag Manager

Quick overview on how to replace your tracking script in GTM (track.js to track-v3.js)

In our efforts to increase accuracy, efficiency and reliability of the tracking capabilities offered to you by Funnelytics, we have made a new version of our tracking script available. Funnelytics Tracking Script v3.0 is to be used by all clients to track their customer journeys moving forward. This includes clients on both Funnelytics 1.0 and Funnelytics 2.0.

Among other improvements, this version of our tracking script includes a concept called "version control". This will allow us to deploy incremental updates and improvements to v3.0 without you having to replace it in the future.

In this guide we explain how to replace your current tracking script (v2.0) with the new one (v3.0).

Note: We will be deprecating v2.0 as of November 7, 2022. Please ensure to make the update accordingly.

Grab the new Funnelytics code snippet from the workspace settings

  • Click on your workspace on the left side of the Funnelytics dashboard
  • Click on settings
  • Copy the script to your clipboard

Open your tag in GTM

Since we are replacing the script, we only need to follow the next simple steps:

  • Click on Tags -> Open the tag where your tracking script is located 
  • Simply replace the old script (track.js) with new one(track-v3.js) from your workspace

Note: No need to create a new tag - just replace the old script


  • Hit Save in the top right

  • Last step is to submit the changes in the workspace 

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 9.49.40

  • And done! Now, the new script is already tracking 😀


Something missing?

If something is missing from the documentation or if you found some part confusing, please reach out to our support team with your suggestions for improvement.

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