Scroll Depth Action Using GTM

How to fire the scroll depth action using Google Tag Manger

Before firing any action it is important that you have the base Funnelytics script installed onto the page. 

Create the Trigger

In your GTM account:

  • Go to the Triggers tab
  • Create a new trigger
  • Under trigger configuration select choose "Scroll Depth"
  • Choose "vertical scroll depth" and enter the number representing the % you want to track. 
  • (optional) You can configure to change the trigger to only fire on "some page" instead of "all pages"



Create the Tag

Under the "tags" tab:

  • Create a new Tag
  • Under tag configuration select Custom HTML
  • In the input field, add the action script that Funnelytics provides.
  • Under the triggers settings, add the new trigger we created in the previous section.



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