Send a Purchase Webhook To Funnelytics

How to send an HTTP Post request to Funnelytics API to track purchases

You can now have 100% accurate sales information inside Funnelytics by sending a webhook for your purchases directly to us.

This is the format in which all requests should be sent using our API.


Send a POST HTTP request to this endpoint:


Content-Type application/json
Authorization Your API Key


Your API key can be found under workspace settings.


The body of the request is an object containing three properties.

Property Description Type Example
email The contact email address associated with the purchase. String ""
datetime The time the transaction occurred. String "2020-10-26T17:48:07"


An array of objects listing all the products purchased in the transaction.

"product_id": "prod123",
"product_name": "My Awesome Product",
"total": 99.00


Inside the items array, each object needs to have the following properties:

Property Description Type Example
product_id The unique identifier for the product String "123" or "My Product ID"
product_name The name of the product purchased String "My Awesome Product"
total The price of the product purchased Number 99.00


Zapier Templates

For some Zapier templates please refer to the following articles:

If you have any questions or need further clarification, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by emailing us at!