Solid Lines Vs. Dashed Lines

This reference article will explain the difference between solid and dashed lines.

Icons linked together with a solid line represent "Direct Traffic". 

The dashed line represents a line that will ignore the direct flow of traffic and show you the percentage of people who were on step A and then at some later point were on/ completed step D (for example)

You can read more about dashed lines and how they ignore in-between steps here.

Connecting Steps With A Solid Line

  • Click your icon, then click the 'chain link' icon on the right side, and drag it to the next icon

You can delete lines by selecting them and then deleting them via the delete button on your keyboard.

Connecting Steps With A Dashed Line

Certain connections will automatically transform the line from a direct line to a dashed line for you.



For example: if you try and connect a traffic source icon to an action icon, Funnelytics will automatically transform the line to be dashed. This is because it's not possible for a user to go directly from an email to an action on a page.



In this example, the dashed line will show you the number of people that landed on your site from google and then later performed the action.

If you want to manually transform or create a dashed line hover over a line, select connection type and change the line type between Direct Connection, Skip Steps and No Data.



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