Strategy Mapping

Quick overview on how to get started with the Funnelytics Mapping Tool

The Value of Strategy Mapping

The Funnelytics Success team works directly with hundreds of businesses of every size, and industry and one of the most common challenges we initially support companies with is getting their team aligned on what it is that has been built in their digital ecosystems and who's responsible for what.

Rapid growth often leads to siloed departments and fragmented communication resulting in undocumented processes, and a lack of clarity around what exactly is happening in their digital ecosystems. 

This all changes the moment a team takes the time to sit down and map out their strategy.

  • Identifying which ads are directing people to which landing pages.
  • Aligning on which parameters are being used to track customer engagement.
  • Where do calls to action exist and where are they sending people to?
  • What triggers email campaigns?
  • How many emails are in each of those campaigns?
  • Organizing organic social strategies.
  • Where videos, webinars, and promotional banners exist... just to name a few. 

Yes, it takes a bit of time to coordinate with your team and ensure all responsible partners add their bits to arrive at Master Strategy Map. 

But we promise by slowing down and taking the necessary time to visualize your strategies, your entire organization will be able to move faster and more effectively, as everyone will have a clear understanding of how their responsibilities contribute to the entire plan. No one will be left wondering what exactly your customers are supposed to be experiencing and when, which piece of tech is being leveraged how and the naming conventions you've chosen to follow to ensure your customer journey is properly tracked and optimizable.

The following four step process is easy to do and easy not to do, but as they say, slow is smooth and smooth is fast, so we highly encourage to map out your strategies for total team alignment for simplified mechanics and predictable growth.


Create a Funnel

When you first log in, you'll be taken to the Funnelytics Dashboard - you can find other settings that you can change on there - but for now, you'll want to click Canvases

On that tab, you will want to click My Site and either create a New Canvas by hitting the + sign, or click into an existing Canvas.

Add Icons 

On the top sidebar, or by right clicking on the canvas you will see a '+' icon. Click on the icon to open up the Page, Action, Source, or Offline icons. Build out your digital ecosystem by dragging it to the canvas.

Add all the relevant icons to the canvas and build out your strategy map to your liking.

Connect Your Icons 

Using the arrow buttons on any Icons - you can connect all your icons together so that you can visualize your funnel flow!

For funnel assets that are not directly connected you can use our Dashed Lines

Make data into a storytelling picture

Using our text & shapes tool will help you make your funnels visually gorgeous, and impress your clients!

You'll find both these options on the left sidebar. You can also customize the color/ shape of your arrows.

To quickly center align (horizontally or vertically) drag your cursor over (or select) the desired group of assets and click to streamline your flows.




Something missing?

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