The Vault

Find out what's in the Funnelytics™ Vault.

The Vault is an ever-growing library of funnel hacks and templates that model high converting funnels from profitable marketers you already know. 

What do the funnel hacks include?

  • Detailed video breakdown of the funnel hack
  • Full-page screenshots of sales pages, order pages, upsells, and downsells
  • Fully mapped out template in Funnelytics
  • White label template in Clickfunnels

How can YOU benefit from the vault?

  • Tired of getting confused looks from clients when you talk funnels? If you sell marketing services and want to sell clients on funnels, then just find one from the Vault and show it to your client. 
  • Want to make a lasting impression every meeting and close MORE clients? The vault can simplify your pitch by showing them what's wrong with their site - then get a template from the vault and explain to your prospect that you know this will convert for them - then go build it for them!
  • Don’t know what to build? The vault allows you to quickly drag and drop high converting funnels so that you’re not wasting time to try to test and figure out what works and what doesn’t!

Accessing the Vault

Click on the vault icon on the left sidebar of the Dashboard.

What's inside?

As a Starter user, we provide you with 6 templates to get started:

As a Funnelytics Pro user, you get even more! You have access to the 6 basic templates, plus 50+ Premium templates.

Not only that, but we add premium hacks from the top 500 best performing funnels on a regular basis...


Whose funnels have we hacked in the Vault?
Some of the top-performing marketers you may have heard of include – Russell Brunson, Ryan Stewman, Frank Kern, Grant Cardone, Dan Henry, Sam Ovens, Peng Joon, Tai Lopez, Sean Vosler, Tony Robbins, Scott Oldford, and so many more!

How to use the templates in Funnelytics?

To be able to use one of the fully mapped templates, click into the template, and then select 'Funnelytics Template'. Then click 'Add to my Dashboard':

The template will appear in the "Unorganized Funnels" folder in your dashboard.


Got a request?
Have any requests for new templates, or funnel hacks? We love hearing your suggestions and making the vault as valuable as possible for each and every one of you... So be sure to contact our support team and let us know!