Tracking in Mailchimp

A step-by-step guide on tracking Mailchimp Email Campaigns with Funnelytics

What You'll Need to Get Started

In order to follow along with the instructions in this article, you will require the following items.

  • A Website or Landing Page
  • A Funnelytics Workspace
  • A Funnel inside the Workspace
  • At least 1 Step in the Funnel
  • An active Mailchimp account

Step 1:

Ensure that the tracking script is installed on any sites that you will be sending users to from the email. If you have not done that yet, check out the Funnel Tracking Overview article to get started!

Step 2:  

Create UTM parameters for each link within your email. Make sure to include the source and campaign

For example:

New to UTMs, or need a hand setting them up? Check out the Tracking Traffic Sources Using UTM Links article!

Step 3:

Set the campaign live! 


You are now able to track how many purchases & clicks came directly from your Mailchimp campaigns. 


If you have any questions or need further clarification with Tracking Email Campaigns in Mailchimp, remember to reach out to our support team anytime by emailing or clicking the blue button on the bottom right of the app!