Tracking Individual Products in Woocommerce

Track individual product purchases through Woocommerce

In this guide, we'll go over how to track individual product purchases on Woocommerce.

Getting Started

Download and configure this WordPress plugin:


Under Settings -> Google Tag Manager :

Enter your GTM ID. In my case, I have the GTM code snippets installed via another plugin so the setting under "Container Code Placement" is set to Off.

This means that Google Tag Manager for WordPress will NOT install the GTM snippets for me, but will still push information into the dataLayer, which is the intended use of this plugin.



Next Steps:


Under Integration -> Woocommerce

Ensure that "Track enhanced E-Commerce", "Customer data in data layer", and "Order data in data layer" are all checked.


Download this .json file --->HERE<---


Upload this .json file into your existing GTM container.


Select "Merge" and "Rename Conflicting..."

This container contains a tag titled "Funnelytics Base". This is the only tag that only needs to be modified. You need to use your own base tracking script, or if you already have Funnelytics installed, just remove this tag


In Funnelytics, map out an advanced action coming off of your "Thank You" or "Order Confirmation" page. 


The action should have an event name of "purchase" Add Properties to filter purchase actions by properties. Available properties that you can filter by are sku, id, product_name, price.

Note: Adding a property to the action in Funnelytics will only show the events that have the matching attributes. 



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