Tracking Traffic Sources Using UTM

Quick guide on what UTM's are, and how to track Traffic Sources

What are UTM's?

Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM)

These are parameters that attach UTM codes to the end of a web address to create a unique tracking code.

UTM variables tell you where your customers are coming to your landing pages from — down to the specific ad, email, or other marketing assets you’re using to send traffic to the page.

When a user clicks on the link, the tags are sent back to Funnelytics, giving you insight on how many people are coming through your various traffic sources (which marketing asset the contact clicked on).

Tracking Traffic Sources Using UTM's

In this video, we'll show you how to track your entire funnel using UTM links and how to set them up.


  • Parameters are case sensitive
  • You should not use special characters or spaces in your parameters. It's recommended that you only use - and _.

These parameters all start with utm_ and are followed by their type (campaign, content, term, medium, source)

The link that is generated inside of Funnelytics is the one that should be used in the source pointing to your page. Funnelytics will then recognize this and attribute the traffic back to the source icon.

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