Using Adswerve (Extension) to inject GTM

Quick overview on how to use the Adswerve (Chrome extension) to inject your GTM into any page

In this guide, we will be looking at a very useful Google Chrome Extension  - Adswerve

With this extension, we can easily inject our GTM into any site, following the next steps:

  • Install the extension 
  • Enable the Inspect checkbox (as seen in the image below)

  • Then expand the Advanced Options > Add Functionality and click the Inject GTM Container checkbox
  • In the first field, enter the 2nd half of your GTM container ID. If you ID is GTM-XXXXXX, then enter just XXXXXX
  • In the 2nd field, enter the hostname (read: on which domains do you want to inject this container?)
    • Important: do not enter “https://”. Hostname means that you need to enter just the domain, for example,
    • If you want to inject in multiple websites, enable the RegEx checkbox and write more complex conditions, for example, website1|website2
      This Regular Expression will inject your container to all websites that contain “website1” or “website2” in their domain.
  • Hit save. Then the page will refresh and your GTM container will be injected.

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