Why is my Funnelytics Canvas not showing any data?

What to do if your canvas is not displaying any data

Funnelytics is a powerful analytics tool that helps businesses track and analyze their sales funnels. However, some Funnelytics performance clients have reported not seeing data inside their accounts. 

This can be frustrating, especially for businesses that rely on this data to make important decisions. However, there are several reasons why clients may not be seeing data inside their Funnelytics accounts.  

It is important to understand that Funnelytics relies on tracking codes to capture data, and if these codes are not properly installed, the tool may not be able to collect the necessary data. This can happen if clients forget to add tracking codes to their websites or if the codes are not properly configured.
Another issue that can cause clients to not see data inside their Funnelytics accounts is incorrect funnel setup. Clients need to properly configure their funnels to ensure that Funnelytics can capture data at every stage of the sales process.

Below is a list of potential reasons why you are not seeing data in your account:
  • No Funnelytics script installed
  • You have the wrong workspace script installed
  • Two different scripts installed
  • Installed the same script twice
  • Installed the old script  must say V-3 (screen shot)
  • You added yourself to IP blacklist
  • Your platform is a single page application
  • The script has been altered in some way. For example: quotes removed
  • Installed the script in GTM but have not published the changes
  • The Tag Manager you installed the script on is not the same one that is installed on your site
  • Your Wordpress platform script installed is activated
  • The canvas has not been configured with compatible data ranges, page URLs,  action attributes.
  • You have the wrong date range in the filter section
  • You are filtering the canvas for a step without traffic
  • You are filtering the canvas for a step without Funnelytics tracking setup
  • You have the wrong URL (pages) in the Tracking section
  • You have impossible attributes pairing (sources/actions)

Steps to take to communicate the lack of data: 

1. Double-check that your tracking codes are properly installed and configured. You should also review your funnel setup to ensure that all the necessary pages and events are properly configured.

2. Use the chat widget in the bottom right corner to contact us, or go to hub.funnelytics.io to get training and support from the community.

By taking the above steps, you can help ensure that you’re able to capture all the necessary data inside your Funnelytics account!